What Are The Necessary Items In Your Cosmetic Bags?

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Every girl who loves beauty should have her own cosmetic bag, in which you can put your favorite cosmetics. However, you cannot take your whole skin care products with you all the time.

Today we’re going to show you how to simplify your carry-on makeup bags. And introduce you some practical and portable cosmetics products which are necessary for you when going out.


You could buy a lot of items and put all of them into your cosmetics bag at home. However, your cosmetics bag must be lightweight when going out.

For the ones who do not put on makeup regularly,  there are few cosmetics in their cosmetic bag, but each one is classic and worthy of grand recommendation.


ANRUI cosmetic bags


Necessary Items In Cosmetic Bags

Makeup toner could be a necessary item in your cosmetic bags. It is mild and moist enough to keep your skin moist when going out.


A sunscreen lotion is also a necessary item in your cosmetic bags. The most effective way to prevent your skin from aging is to keep your face moist and use sunscreen lotion to prevent UVA rays.


Lipstick is also a necessary item in your cosmetic bags. It helps to moisturize your lips and enhance your natural lip color by wearing its gorgeous color.


Apart from the necessary items in your cosmetic bags, you may need a portable and compact size cosmetic bag in your carry-on luggage.


ANRUI Clear Travel Toiletry Bag With Handle Strap could be the right choice for you.


ANRUI cosmetic bags


Let’s have a detailed look at its design.


ANRUI TSA appvoed cosmetic bags

★  Improved Zipper Opening

Improved zipper opening is sturdy and smooth, easy for you to open. Besides, the large zipper opening also makes it easy to open and pack.


★ Waterproof Security

Its waterproof security allows holding your liquids items, at least resistant to leaks in case one of your bottle spills.


★  Clear PVC material

Its clear PVC material makes the bag transparent for convenient using. And PVC material makes cleaning super easy.


★  TSA approved

What’s more, it is TSA approved for all airlines. You could easily pass through domestic and international security if taking with ANRUI cosmetic bags.  Save time and no more hold ups or hassles at the airport.


★  Colors and Size Available

ANRUI cosmetic bags come with different colors and sizes for your use. You could easily pack your different items in different bags or take your carry-on makeup products with compact size ANRUI bag.


Wanna get a cosmetic bag like this ANRUI bag? Buy it for now.